Applied Kinesiology 100 Hour Certification Course

Start learning AK right at home with the 100 Hour AK Certification Course! Fully edited into individual chapters, so you can either watch the entire seminar or go right to the topic of your choosing. Dr. Charles worked with a professional studio to enhance the home learning experience, while keeping the feel of being at the seminar. You'll receive all 8 Workbooks + an additional AK Muscle Testing Booklet, free of charge (a $200 value)!

Course Syllabus

Session 1

Basic muscle testing, Causes of muscle inhibition, Trigger points, Fatty acids and prostaglandins

Session 2

Spinal fixation patterns, Postural analysis, Lumbosacral subluxations, imbrication, disc, pelvic torqu, Piriformis syndrome

Session 3 

Theory of cranial motio, Cranial faults: signs and symptoms, diagnosis and correction, Cervical adjustments, Temporal sphenoidal line

Session 4

Gait analysis, Hidden cervical problems, Hip, knee, ankle, foot disorders (sprain, pronation, tarsal tunnel syndrome, etc.)

Session 5 

Introduction to acupuncture/meridian system Elbow, wrist, hand disorders (carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, etc.)

Session 6

TMJ Imbalances, Cranial review, Shoulder problems (rotator cuff, thoracic outlet syndrome, frozen shoulder, etc.), Emotional techniques (phobias, self sabotage, etc.), Neurological disorganization

Session 7 

Complex acupuncture / meridian imbalances, Functional endocrine imbalances (ie. PMS, infertility, dysglycemia, allergies, etc.)

Session 8

Treatments for pain A.K. visceral corrections, Ileocecal valve, Putting it all together, Examination for A.K. certification, Reception

PURCHASE INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS - $325 each + shipping and handling (incl. individual Workbook).

Watch excerpts & other clips: