Charles Seminars & The Applied Kinesiology Center of New York

Charles Seminars & The Applied Kinesiology Center of New York was founded by Dr. Eugene Charles to educate doctors, patients and the general public about the power of the human body through the most advanced holistic healing principles and techniques, like Applied Kinesiology

The Applied Kinesiology Center of New York attracts patients from around the world who have health problems that have failed to respond to other therapies. Charles Seminars is dedicated to teaching the most advanced holistic healing principles and techniques to doctors of all disciplines so that health professionals everywhere are able to immerse themselves in these seminars that were recorded live and immediately begin improving their personal healing skills. Dr. Eugene Charles is a teaching Diplomate in Applied Kinesiology and has educated hundreds of doctors.

Where To Go:

  • If you are with the Media requesting an interview, please visit Dr. Eugene Charles

  • If you're a doctor and want to advance your skills and practice, visit the DOCTOR'S PAGE.

  • If you're suffering through long-term or short-term pain and want to make an appointment with Dr. Charles at his midtown Manhattan office, visit the PRIVATE PRACTICE PAGE.

  • If you're wanting to exercise, train for an event, or just looking to replenish your body with the natural vitamins it's lacking; take a look at our clean, natural vitamins & supplements, called POWER KINETICS.

  • If you just interested in gaining more knowledge about applied kinesiology, chiropractic medicine and natural whole-body healthcare, follow Dr. Eugene Charles's latest monthly blog: BETTER HEALTH, BETTER LIFE

  • If you are interested in your copy of Journey To Healing—to learn how amazing your body is go to

Available courses for doctor's: 

Advanced Applied Kinesiology Training:

Dr. Charles has also developed an advanced exercise program based on the principles of kinesiology known as Power Kinetics®. Along with the exercise DVD are nutritional supplements clinically proven to help your body heal and function at a higher level.