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To set-up an appointment with Dr. Eugene Charles at his Midtown Manhattan office, simply call: (212) 683-9328 or email with "New Appointment" in the subject line. 

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Location: 36 East 36th St. (Between Madison & Park Ave.) Suite 1B, New York, NY 10016

What To Expect

Dr. Charles believes that “whatever the body has created the body can cure." Patients learn why their health problem has occurred and what can be done to reverse the condition.

When diagnosing and treating patients Dr. Charles incorporates the AK Triad of Health. This triad is representative of the three factors that influence health. These factors are: Physiological/Physical, Nutritional/Chemical and Psychological/Emotional. When a person experiences poor health, there is an imbalance in one or more of these factors which an Applied Kinesiologist is uniquely qualified to address. 

Once you download and fill out the New Patient Forms bring them with you along with any other test results and reports you have. Dr. Charles will go over all of this information with you during the consultation. After the consult and examination an initial diagnosis will be made and, if accepted as a patient, treatment will begin immediately. Patients are expected to follow all medical advice. 

Watch How Applied Kinesiology can help children who suffer from ADHD:

Patient Testimonials

Hi Dr. Charles
I wanted to say a quick thanks for a great treatment. I felt revitalized and felt much more alert and energetic after I left. Thanks again...
— Gino Barbaro
No pain and no surgery!
I came to Dr. Charles in the middle of May with severe back pain that went from my back, through my buttocks, and down to my lower leg. This pain was especailly evident when I was in a sitting position. This greatly impacted my job and completely disrupted my social life. By the time I was referred to Dr. Charles, I had endured 7 weeks of treatment by a chiropractor, which seemed to make my back and subsequent buttock and leg pain, worse. I then visited with two highly regarded back specialists who both recommended, after seeing two herniated disks in my MRI, that I undergo back surgery.

At this point, I was mildly depressed. I could not even take my girlfriend out to dinner, let alone go to see the Knicks in the playoffs (I gave away my tickets). I was skeptical before actually going to see Dr. Charles, but once I met him and saw his confidence that he could bring me relief, I felt a little better. Over the next few weeks, he added nutritional supplements, changed my diet, gave me stretching exercises, and monitored my emotional stress, in addition to his calculated use of various techniques such as chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, and other Western medical practices (all incorporated into Applied Kinesiology).

I have been seeing Dr. Charles for two months now and I went from not being able to sit on my couch for 10 minutes to working full days, entertaining my clients, driving back and forth to Boston, attending baseball games, and going to movies. I have been pain-free for several weeks and I have done this without surgery under the guidance of Dr. Charles. This experience has shown me that Dr. Charles is my “Primary Physician!”
— Allard Cantor
Hey Dr. Charles, still on a high from last weekend — it was great! Thank you again for all your talents. I had a new 25-year-old patient who took a 1 hour session: age 25, on Nexium and complaining of stomach problems that her MD was unable to help her.

As I was treating her and listening to her, I thought I better check for Switching. Sure enough it was there! But here is the amazing part: I asked her if she was ever had trouble focusing, labeled ADD, and so on. She answered yes and was amazed that I was able to guess this.

She asked me why this happened to her. I told her she probably was forced to walk early and so on and I asked her if she was a big reader as a child. Guess what? She was! She was freaked out and I got goose bumps. This stuff is cool. I love Applied Kinesiology. Thank you for giving me a new direction that was well needed.
— Dr. Joe Indelicato