Simple Investing Principles For Doctors

"You Are Responsible For Your Retirement Savings"

- The Wall Street Journal

An introduction video into Simple Investing Principles, by Dr. Eugene Charles.

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Dear Doctor,

Do you know how to let your money grow? I have started The Simple Investing Seminar for chiropractors, though the universal principles apply to everyone. Essentially, I have learned there is no reason intelligent doctors cannot get a better grasp on their investments. You will learn how you can ask more informed questions of your financial advisor...or do it yourself.

*I used to offer private consultations in my office (or on the phone) to better inform colleagues, students and friends about simple, but strategic investing principles. I am happy to announce that I've put all this valuable information into private video format similar to the introduction above. 

A Few Testimonials: 

Hi Dr. Charles,

I found the information and our conversation helpful in starting me down the road of understanding how to take charge of my finances.  I have always strived to be frugal with my money but I do really want it working for me.   - Dr. Phillip Cameron,  Bozeman, Montana

Dr. Charles,

Thanks so much for your help today!  I feel like I'm in the driver seat now with the tools and confidence to help me make much better retirement/investing decisions. Have a great rest of your day! - Dr Dominic Vechiarelli, Westlake, Ohio

You probably have questions similar to the ones below. I hope my answers clarify things for you:

1. "You can help me with investing?"  

(Answer): Yes, I have studied investing for a long time…and treat many intelligent investors who have taught me well. I started reading The Wall Street Journal 20 years ago, I have studied the top investing books, subscribe to the 2 main stock rating companies (Morningstar and ValueLine) and receive 20 analyst reports daily. BTW: Investing principles are very similar to healing principles. 

2. "Why am I doing this?"  

(Answer): I believe there are two Golden Rules: The great spiritual one being, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The other less spiritual one being, “He who has the gold makes the rules.” My hope with this program is to help those who follow the first Golden Rule to be able to apply the second one…especially when it comes to improving healthcare!

3. "“What got you started with this program?"

 (Answer): I have always been interested with business and investing. In my seminars I would tell doctors to put away as much as they can into their IRA’s. I learned…the hard way that there is more to it than that. It is simple but if you don’t know it… you don’t know it!  After teaching chiropractic / AK seminars for 30 years I am excited to teach something else that I love very much - namely, showing people how investing, when done right, is a great way to help give you and your family financial security. 

4. "How much do I need to start investing?"

(Answer): Most companies you will learn about allow initial investments of only $250.

5. "What are some of the topics?"

  • Overview of investing principles
  • Balancing active and passive investments
  • How to invest in companies without brokers
  • Basic rules of which companies to put your money into
  • How to rate a company (when to invest in it) and keep emotions out of it
  • Explaining mutual funds/ IRAs / REITs / Index funds / HSAs
  • Reinvesting dividends / compounding / balancing portfolio
  • Ways to save money and put at least $50 a month into investments
  • Learning about Moats / dividend aristocrats / 52 week highs and lows/ Margin of safety
  • Suggestions based on the analyst reports I subscribe to about companies trading below value

6. "Why do I need this if I have a financial planner?"

(Answer):  No one and I mean NO ONE cares for your money like you do. You absolutely must know the rules of the game! If you want to use a financial planner, (and I strongly recommend you do) now you can ask informed questions and be a an active partner in the growth of your money.

7. "How can you give this information without a securities license?"

(Answer): I am giving what is called “Impersonal Investment Advice” and can share with you the basic investing principles I have learned.

8. The biggest question, “How much is this Simple Investing Seminar?   

(Answer) $299 for the instructive videos and PDF notes. Start now and begin educating yourself about safeguarding you and your family’s future! 

Simply to get started, or if you have any other questions... 

All the best,

Dr. Eugene Charles

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