Power Review: The 100 Hour Certification Course (Part I) 

W/ Advanced Structural Procedures
(Sessions 1-4) DVD & Workbook

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Part one contains four discs and is a concise review of ALL the material in Dr. Charles’ 100 Hour AK Certification Course. Doctors have said that the brush up on the “basics” helped them to fine tune their techniques and reminded them of some nuances they had forgotten.

The Advanced Techniques from Part 1:

1. Refined subluxation corrections

2. Neurology of the Neurolymphatic reflex for greater response

3. Percussing the Neurovascular reflexes

4. Advance Origin / Insertion Technique

5. Advance Fascial release and Strain Counter Strain procedures

6. Anatomy Train corrections for a) fixations; b) Category 2 and c) Category 1

7. Percussion Therapy especially for Intraosseous subluxations

8. Femoral Triangle Procedure for hip and leg pain and weakness

9. Cranial Flowchart

10. Cranial percussion points

11. Eye movements to help release Cranial Faults

12. Rotated fifth metatarsal for ankle sprains (also found in ALL yoga participants)

13. Spinal Flexor inhibition from plantar muscles

14. Foot  reflexology treatment

Power Review: The 100 Hour Certification Course (Part 2)

W/ Acupuncture, Endocrine, TMJ, Shoulder/Elbow/Wrist, etc.
(Sessions 5-8) on DVD & Workbook

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The Advanced Techniques from Part 2:

1. Advanced Shoulder Procedures

2. Advanced Frozen Shoulder Protocol

3. TMJ Percussion Protocol

4. Advanced Neurological tooth treatment (helps with jaw clenching)

5. Tibetan Healing sounds with acupuncture head points

6. New Pineal Neurolymphatic reflex (great for insomnia…especially in children)

7. New Hypothalamus Neurolymphatic reflex (great for all endocrine problems)

8. Hypothalamic Temperature Regulation technique (for people who are always cold or always sweating)

9. A Daily Endocrine Stimulating Technique (helps athletes performance)  see here - http://www.youtube.com/user/DrEugeneCharles

10. Organ Percussion Technique (you received this information regarding helping thyroid, adrenal, intestinal and heart function)

11. Pyloric Valve (just as important as ICV or Valve of Houston)

12. Vibration to find a B12 deficiency (possibly most common nutritional deficiency…even more than Vitamin D)

They are $495 each. If you order both, we will give you the 8 workbooks free of charge. If you decide to only buy one Power Review, the workbooks are $80.


I’m blown away…

Dr. Charles, I have been an AK practitioner for the last 10 years and I consider myself a hard core AK practitioner. I practice the way Dr. Goodheart taught and I get great results in the office.

With that said, I attended your Power Review Seminar this weekend and I started using just two of the new procedures that you showed us and patients are loving the results.

I used your Cranial Eye Movement Technique and everyone jumped down two lines with both eyes open on the Snellen eye chart and Straight Leg Raise improved at least 15 deg across the board. I saw patients today and it was like I was playing more than working.

The way you are using the Vibracussor is intense. I didn’t think it would make that big a difference but it’s crazy. Seriously, I’m blown away.

By the way, when I got home Sunday after a few hours my back pain was gone from the Anatomy Trains work you did on me. Thank you!
— Dr. Mike Minond
Full of wonderful information…

Hi Dr. Charles, I want to thank you for the seminar that you gave in the beginning of February. It was full of wonderful information. I wanted to let you know I have already made a dancer happy adjusting and taping the 5th metatarsal....and I have enjoyed providing therapy through so many other of the applications that you introduced to us. Thanks so much! It was great! And so helpful.
— Joyce Nawy, D.C.

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