Practice Leadership Program

Read about Dr. Charles featured on for his private practice business success (May 11, 2017).

To be a great doctor, you must also be a great businessperson so you can practice as you see fit for the maximum benefit to your patients.

Practice Leadership Program
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You have to learn business principles, protocols and procedures just as you learned healing principles, protocols and procedures. You have to earn your diploma in Practice Leadership because doctors are leaders, not managers.

The Practice Leadership Program is an 8-part success program for the practicing chiropractor:

  1. Success principles rooted in integrity and used by all high achievers
  2. Practice protocols employed by successful healthcare providers
  3. Inspirational truths to keep your thoughts positive and accurate
  4. Free Listing on the Charles Seminars / Charles Institute website
  5. Verbal Judo so you can adeptly handle any attacks on you or holistic healthcare
  6. Marketing and Financial Strategies proven to help you create the practice of your dreams
  7. Mentoring to guide you through the development of your private practice muscles
  8. Now bundled in an affordable package 

 Eight months from now your freedom from insurance can be at least doubled.

Ask yourself, "Is it smarter to earn the same money seeing 400 patients in a week, or 40?" Remember, "It's not how many patients you see, it's how many you heal that dictates your success — professionally and personally!" If this investment in yourself — in attaining a richer level of insight and healing knowledge — appeals to you, then you are in luck.  


"I've been able to build a million dollar, AK, All-Cash dream practice using the attitude, mind-set and principles laid out in Dr Charles' Practice Leadership Program ™. I recommend it to any doc that truly wants a Dream Practice.- Howard Cohn DC, Costa Mesa, CA 

"I found your Practice Leadership Program very useful. I mined several diamonds-well worth the time and money. Thank you for your creation"  - Dr. William Maykel, Wellesley, MA (Private Practice since 1978) 

"I'm in school at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. My father gave me your Practice Leadership Program. It is very informative and will be indispensable when starting my practice. Thank you!" - Patrick Gazzini

“Let me thank and congratulate you on 2 very fine products, the PowerKinetics® DVD & The Practice Leadership Program. I own them both and love em! Also, thank you and The Practice Leadership Members for helping me with a $250,000 grant.”  - Dr. Jessica Loda, Ithaca, NY

"Thank you for all of your practice building tips. Steve and I really enjoyed hearing your positive outlook on building a practice! We are both really excited and jazzed about starting and how awesome AK really is! More than ever we appreciate all that you gave us. Thanks again for your inspiration. It truly is 'Science Properly Applied’.”
 - Dr. Shelley Crombach & Dr. Steve Brandon

“Dear fellow practitioners, The Practice Leadership Program is a no BS approach to guiding and mentoring you on how to 'lead your ship.’ Follow it step by step and you will be amazed at how growth in yourself personally will translate into what you are able to accomplish in your practice. Thank you Dr. Charles!"  - Zeya Alikhan B. Sc, D.C. Ontario, Canada (AK practitioner since 1993)

For a limited few, this lifetime accumulation of healing, practice building, and personal growth information is bundled for you in the most affordable package EVER!

I am sharing with you what has worked for me for nearly three decades.

I have developed and used these principles in California as well as New York. I have feverishly studied success and business principles since a very wealthy real estate magnate took me under his wing to share with me his knowledge.

First off, you must have something unique to offer. I developed my adjusting skills to a very high level and learned Applied Kinesiology as my healing system. I encourage you to do the same because it allows you flexibility and a vast array of healing techniques that you can spend time employing on patients.

The fact is patients are more willing to spend their hard-earned money on you if you spend time with them and get results. Quite frankly, spending 3 minutes adjusting the entire spine or 30 seconds manipulating one segment is not going to sit well with most of the general public. 

This Program combines the Applied Kinesiology Certification Course with the NEW Practice Leadership Program.

The Applied Kinesiology Certification Course includes 8 units of AK / Chiropractic DVDs and workbooks to expand and enhance your healing tools. See complete 8-part course description.

The Practice Leadership Program includes 8 CDs and Playbooks regarding success principles and Practice Building Protocols.

You will receive discounts off seminars, as well as access to my vast network of contacts and connections. You will also receive reimbursements when patients purchase patient-oriented DVDs and books using a special code through the Charles Seminars website.


For the investment of a 3-credit college course, 
you can create the practice and the future you want! 

If you want to save money and invest in the entire Program (Package 1 below), you'll pay just $275 for each of the 8 units (regularly $325 each) in the Applied Kinesiology 100 Hour Certification Course** — each unit includes a DVD and workbook — plus $69 for each of the Practice Leadership CDs and Playbooks (regularly $99) in the Practice Leadership Membership — which also includes discounts off seminars and reimbursements when your patients purchase materials using your personal code.

** The AK 100 Hour Course gives you an exciting array of tools to heal patients who may not respond to other techniques. THIS IS THE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS! If you do not have something unique to offer your patients they will not be as willing to leave the status quo insurance model. WHY should they if you are simply offering what every chiropractor on your block is doing? To see more information about what you will learn, go to

PACKAGE 1 - The Entire Program
AK 100 Hour Certification Course
+ Practice Leadership Membership

  • Applied Kinesiology 100 Hour Certification Course on DVD and Workbook (8 units)
  • 8 Practice Leadership CDs and Playbooks
  • Discounts off seminars
  • Listing on the AK Doctors page on the Charles Seminars website
  • Reimbursements for patient-purchased materials
  • You will be billed $2752 (+ $50 shipping & handling)

    Total Investment = $2752 (plus S+H)
    for the 8-part AK Certification Course
    and 8 Practice Leadership CDs and Playbooks

    A Savings of $640!

    Practice Leadership Membership


    Practice Leadership Program (Package 2)
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    If you have already learned AK and would like the business material only, this is available to you for $792.

    If you have not learned AK and only want the business material, you have this option also. However, this is the least effective option. Why? Without the specialized training, it is more difficult to stand out from the crowd and reach your highest potential.

    However, this choice is available and you can always invest in the Applied Kinesiology Course and Precision Adjusting Program down the road.

    • 8 Practice Leadership CDs and Playbooks (each CD/Playbook is $99)
    • Discounts off seminars
    • Reimbursements for patient-purchased materials
    • You will be billed $792 (+ $25 shipping & handling)

      You can also order by phone (800) 351-5450

      I want you to succeed and gain financial freedom by healing as many people as possible...both our reputations depend on it!
      - Eugene Charles, DC, DIBAK

       Coming together is a beginning. 
      Keeping together is progress. 
      Working together is success. 
      ~ Henry Ford

      Simple Investing Principles For Doctors

      The Wall Street Journal says, 

      You - Are Responsible For Your Retirement Savings. 




      Dear Doctor,

      I have started The Simple Investing Seminar for chiropractors, though the universal principles apply to everyone. Essentially, I have learned there is no reason intelligent doctors cannot get a better grasp on their investments. You will learn how you can ask more informed  questions of your  financial advisor...or do it yourself.

      *One private consultation (in my office or on the phone) and you will know more about investing than you ever dreamed possible

      Email ( or call (800) 351 - 5450 to invest in the greatest thing possible—KNOWLEDGE.



      Hi Dr. Charles,
      I found the information and our conversation helpful in starting me down the road of understanding how to take charge of my finances.  I have always strived to be frugal with my money but I do really want it working for me.   - Dr. Cameron,  Bozeman, Montana

      Dr. Eugene,

      Thanks so much for your help today!  I feel like I'm in the driver seat now with the tools and confidence to help me make much better retirement/investing decisions. Have a great rest of your day! - Dr Dominic, Westlake, Ohio




      You probably have questions similar to the ones below. I hope my answers clarify things for you:


      1. "You can help me with investing?"  

      (Aswr): Yes, I have studied investing for a long time…and treat many intelligent investors who have taught me well. I started reading The Wall Street Journal 20 years ago, I have studied the top investing books, subscribe to the 2 main stock rating companies (Morningstar and ValueLine) and receive 20 analyst reports daily. BTW: Investing principles are very similar to healing principles. 


      2. "Why am I doing this?"  

      (Aswr): I have always been interested with business and investing. In my seminars I would tell doctors to put away as much as they can into their IRA’s. I learned…the hard way that there is more to it than that. It is simple but if you don’t know it… you don’t know it!  After teaching chiropractic / AK seminars for 30 years I am excited to teach something else that I love very much - namely, showing people how investing, when done right, is a great way to help give you and your family financial security. 


      3. "Will there be a tangible program?"

       (Aswr): Yes, I will be offering a program down the road. However, I am starting with a personal phone consultation because at the moment… I can. I can walk you through it personally instead of via a download, CD or book, which as I said is coming.

      4. "How much do I need to start investing?"

      (Aswer): Most companies you will learn about allow initial investments of only $250.


      5. "What are some of the topics?"

      • Overview of investing principles
      • Balancing active and passive investments
      • How to invest in companies without brokers
      • Basic rules of which companies to put your money into
      • How to rate a company (when to invest in it) and keep emotions out of it
      • Explaining mutual funds/ IRAs / REITs / Index funds / HSAs
      • Reinvesting dividends / compounding / balancing portfolio
      • Ways to save money and put at least $50 a month into investments
      • Learning about Moats / dividend aristocrats / 52 week highs and lows/ Margin of safety
      • Suggestions based on the analyst reports I subscribe to about companies trading below value


      6. "Why do I need this if I have a financial planner?"

      (Aswr):  No one and I mean NO ONE cares for your money like you do. You absolutely must know the rules of the game! If you want to use a financial planner, (and I strongly recommend you do) now you can ask informed questions and be a an active partner in the growth of your money.


      7. "How can you give this information without a securities license?"

      (Aswr): I am giving what is called “Impersonal Investment Advice” and can share with you the basic investing principles I have learned.


      8. The biggest question,
      “How much is this
       Simple Investing Seminar?   

      $299 for the private phone consultation  

      $199 for Practice Leadership Program members! 

      CALL: (800) 351 - 5450 to set up your consult and you can begin educating yourself about safeguarding you and your family’s future.  > This Introductory price will not last long!

      All the best,

      Dr. Eugene Charles

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