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If you want to more accurately diagnose your patients, improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your adjustments, discover the practices of becoming a more effective doctor and chiropractor, or naturally treat severe to mild allergies, Dr. Charles is here to assist you.



Now you can learn Applied Kinesiology in or home or office and include it in your practice with video courses like The Applied Kinesiology 100 Hour Certification Course, by Dr. Eugene Charles, D.C. (8 Workbooks and 8 DVDs + Muscle Testing Booklet).

Precision Adjusting for The Master Chiropractor

Learn ways to deliver a more accurate and impactful adjustment for your patients as well as the top 3 exercises for chiropractors with Precision Adjusting.

As a chiropractor and an Applied Kinesiologist, I know that the specificity of my adjustment is paramount to the healing of my patients. Adjusting patients requires the same time commitment and dedication any professional athlete would put in for practice. The key to powerful, effective, and specific chiropractic adjustments is learning and developing the techniques, balance, coordination, and timing. Dr. Charles has put this program together in order for chiropractors to help themselves develop into masters of their art, the adjustment.

As a result of this course, I was awarded the Frank DeGiacomo Adjusting Technique award at NYCC, and I continue to develop and hone these skills everyday
— Jason Sonners, D.C., DIBAK

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A collection of over 25 years of practice building principles, procedures, protocols and techniques *(Proud member of the International College of Applied Kinesiology since 1988)

Practice Leadership Program
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