Precision Adjusting for the Master Chiropractor DVD & Manual


Precision Adjusting for the Master Chiropractor DVD & Manual


No other healthcare treatment has the ability to affect the Nervous System the way an excellent Chiropractic adjustment can. The information in this DVD & book set is compiled from over 23 years of studying with Master Chiropractic Adjusters. Included in this book is a Chiropractic Training Program wth exercises and speed drills to refine psychomotor skills and a Precision Spinal Adjusting Program with specific instructions and pictures on how to perform each adjustment. Refine your skills, and help yourself to help more people!

*Since this material is educational in nature, all sales are final and refunds are not possible. Reselling or sharing this material is strictly prohibited.

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From the desk of Dr. Charles,

"If you’re an Applied Kinesiologist, you’re going to love how AK: The First Visit transforms your new patient visits. You’ll learn how to build a long term relationship from the first visit, condense what now takes you three visits into a single session, and begin providing immediate relief to your patients.If you've been looking for ways to deliver a more accurate and impactful adjustment to your patients, then you're going to love what I've got for you... My top-selling program, Precision Adjusting, shows you three daily exercises that will give you more impact and accuracy in your adjustments + much more. "

In this session you'll discover:

  • The secret of Bruce Lee's One-Inch Punchand how chiropractors can use it to deliver an accurate, impactful adjustment to their patients - providing rapid relief
  • How having one single piece of wood in your office can transform your adjustments - building your co-ordination, balance, and neurology in just minutes per day (plus — you can use this same technique to "unswitch" patients as part of your treatment process!)
  • The truth about accurate and impactful adjustments - and what so many Chiropractors do wrong (if you can avoid this jolting movement, your patients will thank you... and your adjustment quality will skyrocket!)