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I have spent 10 years looking for the best Performance Supplements that I could find—and I found them! The Power Whey Protein is the first one I've ever used that really works. The Power Adrenal Support is the best adrenal stress supplement I’ve seen in 30 years. For building muscle, metabolizing fat, preventing achey joints, or simply to elevate your mood, I can't say enough about the benefits of these nutritional supplements. In this day and age, you need high performance supplements just to survive, let alone thrive. I TAKE THEM EVERY DAY and I give them to my family, knowing that they are the best supplements to deal with the stress of life in the 21st century. BUT REMEMBER, success depends on consistency. 

"PK" Exercise Program

An incredible health building system for anyone ranging from athletes, students and patients; particularly those rehabilitating from severe to minor injuries to become healthy, strong and to start living pain free again.

Power Kinetics Workout (DVD)
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Dr. Eugene Charles has spent nearly 25 years putting his weight training, martial arts, chiropractic and applied kinesiology knowledge and experience into creating Power Kinetics®. The innovative exercise program also builds and tone muscles, relieves and prevents joint pain, helps remove fat while relieving everyday stress.

I think it’s dynamic and non-traumatic to the joints. I’ve had hip surgeries and my hips feel really good after doing the workout.
— Dr. Tom Spiridellis, Member of The Olympic Medical Society
I started doing Power Kinetics and my knee pain of 10 years is gone.
— Tracey Rasmussen, Photographer

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