POWER REVIEW of the 100 Hour AK Course Part 2 (Sessions 5-8 DVDs & WB).


POWER REVIEW of the 100 Hour AK Course Part 2 (Sessions 5-8 DVDs & WB).

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POWER REVIEW of the 100 Hour AK Course (Part 2) Acupuncture, Endocrine, TMJ, Shoulder/Elbow/Wrist, etc. (Sessions 5-8) on DVD & Workbook.

The Advanced Techniques from Part 2:

1. Advanced Shoulder Procedures

2. Advanced Frozen Shoulder Protocol

3. TMJ Percussion Protocol

4. Advanced Neurological tooth treatment (helps with jaw clenching)

5. Tibetan Healing sounds with acupuncture head points

6. New Pineal Neurolymphatic reflex (great for insomnia…especially in children)

7. New Hypothalamus Neurolymphatic reflex (great for all endocrine problems)

8. Hypothalamic Temperature Regulation technique (for people who are always cold or always sweating)

9. A Daily Endocrine Stimulating Technique (helps athletes performance)  see here - http://www.youtube.com/user/DrEugeneCharles

10. Organ Percussion Technique (you received this information regarding helping thyroid, adrenal, intestinal and heart function)

11. Pyloric Valve (just as important as ICV or Valve of Houston)

12. Vibration to find a B12 deficiency (possibly most common nutritional deficiency…even more than Vitamin D)

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