Plato, Shakespeare, Emerson, and Joseph Campbell, are all inspirations of Eugene Charles. Charles, an inquisitive lifetime student of philosophy, has known the power of redirecting thoughts. As a doctor of Applied Kinesiology, he has personally witnessed physical changes in his patient's clinical progress by helping them to question their mode of thought.

Charles has learned from his practice that internal conflicts lead to dis-ease or disease. Helping individuals to redirect their thoughts has lead to his development of inspirational philosophy (IP). IP can best be described as "inspiring yourself daily with the belief that everything works out for the best when you do your best and believe in yourself so powerfully that it overcomes the doubts of others."

A dynamic speaker and teacher, Charles incorporates his philosophy into his lectures when teaching at companies, colleges, seminars and various institutions. He maintains that individuals will be better at what they do, when they are better at who they are. Through his presentations Charles provides practical tools that allow people to know themselves, be themselves, and be themselves at their best. Audience members walk away with a heightened sense of purpose and power of being.