Dr. Eugene Charles' Allergy Relief Technique


Dr. Eugene Charles' Allergy Relief Technique


Dr. Eugene Charles has developed an incredibly powerful technique to stop allergic reactions. You will usually see a dramatic difference after one treatment.

If you or someone you know suffers from allergies to pollen, trees, grass or even foods, get this video. Uses Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Homeopathy.

*Since this material is educational in nature, all sales are final and refunds are not possible. Reselling or sharing this material is strictly prohibited.

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Doctor's Testimonials

"Dr. Charles’ Allergy Technique has enhanced my AK practice tremendously! The ability for the body to desensitize the allergen and heal itself is truly the highest form of health optimization. Thanks Dr. Charles!"

— Dr. Bruce Kesten, Long Island

"Hey Doc, I have had great feedback so far from the patients I have done the allergy technique on. Thanks! Also, I love how simple the technique is. A few years back I bought a Bax Aura system. It works just fine, but I never really liked going through the whole process. I like things more hands on and simple. I guess it’s those delusions of thinking I want to hire a staff person to do all the allergy work with a machine. Yeah, definitely NOT me! I found that out.

Well, I sold the Aura last week. I actually got all my $30,000 back from the purchase of it! So, I got to play with it for a few years, figured out it wasn’t for me, and got my money back!

All in all. Thanks for the great technique. Simple. Effective. Thanks again!"

— Dr. Brant Larsen, Minnesota

"Hey Dr. Charles, I hope you are well. I want to thank you for the allergy treatment technique. It has been working great for me and my patients.

Thanks for your continued guidance and help. You have been a major inspiration and guide for me over the years and I want you to know that I deeply appreciate it. All the best."

— Dr. Greg Birsky

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