Doctors: Build your practice and increase your ability to heal your patients, Everyone else: Expand your knowledge on natural healing

Greetings Doctors, I hope you have all been enjoying the summer months and that those of you in New York have been keeping cool and hydrated.

I just wanted to remind everyone that my Applied Kinesiology 100-Hour Certification 8 Session Course is now available on DVD. Now you can learn the art of Applied Kinesiology at your leisure in your own home. With these professionally edited DVDs, you may rewind, skip ahead and review all at your own pace. It is all possible now that my DVDs have specifically labeled chapters.

Doctors: By learning Applied Kinesiology, you will increase your chances of permanently healing your patients. You will learn methodical ways to identify and narrow down problems within your patient, how to treat it and help the patient prevent it. Learn to heal through muscle testing and nutrition and give yourself a better opportunity to heal your patients.

Even if you're not a doctor and have never heard of Applied Kinesiology before, you can benefit from my DVDs. You will expand your knowledge on nutrition and lifestyle changes that you can benefit from. You may also learn why you're feeling certain symptoms, alternative options to your regular medications and why you may need to see a kinesiologist.

You can order the DVDs through my website by going to

And to review the courses and topics that address everything from intestinal problems to carpal tunnel syndrome, click here.

As an added bonus, here is a sample clip from one of my DVDs:


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Enjoy your weekend!