Working Out Too Hard: Healthy or Health Hazard?

It’s the middle of the summer and if you don't already have your beach body, chances are you're making an effort to get fit fast. In an attempt to shed excess pounds, many people are hitting the gym hard. But here’s the real skinny on exercise: There is such a thing as overtraining. Yes, I said it.

Over doing it in your daily workout regime can leave you sore, more prone to injury and just downright exhausted – none of which are part of the goal. Besides the obvious, the goal of intense exercise should be to sustain energy, not lose it.

After too many bench presses or too many miles of running, muscle soreness is common due to excessive muscle damage and lactic acid build up. Lucky for you, I’m here to bring you ways of counteracting this.

  1. Take Calcium lactate at least once a day
  2. Take Magnesium lactate at least once a day
  3. Stock up on that protein post workout. Whether it be in the form of soft boiled eggs or protein powder blended with bananas and blueberries to perfection, your body needs it.
  4. Plenty of water
  5. Icing down sore areas that feel strained or tired after a strenuous workout for approximately 20 minutes. Note: Remember never to put ice directly on the skin. Wrap ice in a thin towel.

All of the above are key players in helping muscles rebuild and combating soreness and fatigue.

Another two helpers of metabolizing lactic acid out of the muscles are Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) and the herb Schisandra. All of these can either be found at a local health food establishment or at

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