Dr. Eugene Charles Demonstrates Nutrition's Effect on Range of Motion with Applied Kinesiology

We all know that you are what you eat. Did you also know that when you taste something your brain and nervous system can immediately tell if it is bad or good for you? Haven't you seen this with allergies? Someone can taste something, and if they are allergic to it, they can break out in a rash, get a stuffed nose or if it is severe...their throat muscles can constrict and they can die from an anaphylactic reaction. It makes sense that if the negative allergic reaction is possible (and it is beyond the shadow of a doubt) the positive is possible. Namely, that if you taste something that your body needs or that is good for you your muscles will relax (the opposite of the allergic response). Here I am demonstrating a patient tasting a whole food multiple vitamin from Alpha Organics and the multiple from Standard Process Labs.


You can actually do this yourself (although it is better to have a doctor trained in applied kinesiology do it with you). You can check your flexibility, such as touching your toes. Put a vitamin, or any food on your mouth, and see if your flexibility increases (good for you) or decreases (bad for you) or stays the same (neither good nor bad, or you just don't need it).

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Stay healthy and stay positive.

Dr. Eugene Charles