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An Optimistic Attitude and your Health

Most of 7 The Ground Rules for Healthy Living are pretty straight forward and… most of them come from the outside. (See July 22, 2016 Blog)
What does this mean? It means that most of the Ground Rules are external factors - what you eat, drink (or don’t eat and drink), how you exercise, what high grade nutritional supplements you take and the monthly chiropractic / kinesiological treatments you receive etc.
However, two of them #5 & #6 - Live One Day at a Time and Maintain an Optimistic Attitude come from the inside… they come from YOU! I want to touch on these here.
While I feel all these 7 Ground Rules are important; I have seen in my 31 years of providing Applied Kinesiology Treatments to nearly 9,000 people that a person’s thoughts, feelings and beliefs are an integral aspect of health and happiness. 
In other words a positive, grateful and optimistic attitude does wonders and can be the elixir most people are feverishly looking for outside of themselves. 
While a positive attitude WILL NOT put a bone back in place or alleviate pain and fatigue from a B12 deficiency (which many people have) it does set the stage so when the appropriate therapy is administered it can mean the difference between success and failure. You can equate it to trying to start a fire with top quality firewood or damp logs. The same match can start a warm, roaring fire; or do nothing... depending on the timber.
Here is a story to illustrate how the difference between a pessimistic and an optimistic attitude (and therefore happiness) is totally under your control regardless of external circumstances.
A couple had twin boys. One had a persistently pessimistic attitude and the other son had an over the top optimistic outlook. The parents were concerned about this stark contrast and wanted to balance them out. They sought professional help… all to no avail.
Finally, they went to a therapist who, upon hearing this interesting scenario proposed a drastic course of action. He said, "Look I know this may sound crazy but hear me out. You say their birthday is coming up. I suggest you buy your son with the deeply pessimistic attitude every possible toy you believe he can ever want. No matter how many. Then for your son with the exuberant optimistic attitude, I suggest you get a big pile of horse manure and plop it the middle of his room. Like I said I know this seems extreme but it might just do the trick."
Reluctantly, the loving parents did as the therapist suggested.  Upon returning from school on the day of the twins' birthday they showed the boy with the constant negative attitude his room filled with toys. He looked at them and cried out, "Oh no look at all these toys! Where am I going to put them all? And now when my friends come over I am going to have watch them so that they don’t try to steal them or worse yet break them. This is horrible."
Shocked and disappointed by the failure to elicit the desired positive response they walked their other son into his room. He opened the door and was greeted by the foulest stench he had every experienced. He looked at the pile of manure and then a big grin and a look of joy radiated from his face. He began running around the room, looking under his bed and flinging open his closet doors. The confused parents asked what he was doing. With a big smile he exclaimed, "There’s a horse in here somewhere!"
Perhaps the key word to The 7 Ground Rules of Healthy Living is the word living. Some days Life hands us the object of our desires; other days we might be handed a big pile of manure. The key to health (and happiness) appears to be to keep living as richly as possible…regardless of external circumstances. How do we do this? One way seems to be to keep our attitude as positive and optimistic as possible! We don’t know what is necessarily good or bad until the day, or life, plays out. So we might as well maintain an inner exuberance and expect the best.
It is not necessarily the external circumstances that dictate our happiness; it is largely our impression of it. So stay optimistic, grateful and positive and regardless of what you are handed you will be happy… and if scientific studies are correct you will also be healthier. These 2 rules will help you in living as richly as possible from the inside out. If it turns out this suggestion is wrong and an optimistic attitude does not work; who cares… you were too busy being happy. And who knows you just might find that horse.
Dr. Eugene Charles
*Along these lines here is a new study showing how a vacation and meditation (Rule 5 - recreation) can change your gene expression and make you healthier


7 Ground Rules for Healthy Living

7 Ground Rules for Healthy Living

Below is the newest study supporting what I discuss with patients every visit…preventing illness (in this case cancer) by staying StrongHealthy.

To augment the general advice given in this article - here are The 7 Ground Rules on Healthy Living I have devised after 40 years of studying Health & Fitness:

  1. Eat plenty of real food, limit alcohol and desserts to 2 days a week and exercise daily… without getting hurt! For example, a brisk walk 30 minutes daily is HEALTHIER than running a marathon. Remember, Philippides - the first man to run from Marathon to Athens to deliver a message of history-DIED!
  1. Drink 2 liters of filtered water, breathe through your nose, get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, sleep soundly by clearing your mind before bed and have a bowel movement DAILY. 
  1. Take high quality supplements manufactured to cGMP standards. (Certified Good Manufacturing Practice) 
  1. AVOID Fads! Trendy diets, exercise programs and nutritional advice usually do more harm than good. Time always tells and I don’t want you to become a statistic. Stick to the basics listed here.
  1. Maintain an optimistic attitude, laugh often and stay busy in a labor of love. In other words, do what you love and love what you do. Then "recreate yourself" with wholesome recreation time.
  1. Live One Day at a Time (thank you Dalai Lama)
  1. Make sure your Spine, Ribs, and all your Joints, Skull Bones, Organs and Muscles are in alignment through chiropractic / applied kinesiology treatments - once a month is optimal or every season at the very least. (If you wait until you are hurting... you went too long!)

I believe these 7 Healthy Ground Rules derived from the hundreds of books (yes books… those things before the internet that sparked the Age of Enlightenment. Hopefully, the internet takes us to a greater Age) and tens of thousands of hours I have spent over the past 4 decades studying health and fitness principles will serve you well in your quest to live as richly as possible!


Dr. Eugene Charles

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Healthy Living Could Mean a Lot Fewer Cancers
By Kelly Young
Edited by 
- Andre Sofair, MD, MPH, and
- William E. Chavey, MD, MS

Adopting a healthy lifestyle could avert at least a quarter of cancers and half of cancer-related deaths, suggests a JAMA Oncology study. 

Researchers studied 28,000 healthcare professionals who met four healthy lifestyle criteria: never or past smoking, moderate or no alcohol consumption, BMI of 18.5-27.4, and regular physical activity. These participants were compared with over 100,000 participants who didn't meet all four criteria.

The researchers calculated that 25% of cancers in women and 33% in men might not have occurred if everyone adopted the healthy lifestyle. Similarly, 48% of cancer deaths in women and 44% in men might have been averted. When comparing the healthy group to the U.S. white population in general, the reductions were even greater. Lung and esophageal cancers saw the greatest reductions.

Editorialists write: "As a society, we need to avoid procrastination induced by thoughts that chance drives all cancer risk or that new medical discoveries are needed to make major gains against cancer, and instead we must embrace the opportunity to reduce our collective cancer toll by implementing effective prevention strategies and changing the way we live."

JAMA Oncology article (Free)
JAMA Oncology editorial (Free)