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White Death: The New Plague

In October 1347 “death ships” arrived in Sicily from the Far East where the sailors were discovered to be dead or dying. The ships were ordered immediately out of the harbor, but it was too late to stop the Black Death!


We are all familiar with history and how in the Middle Ages the Black Death, or bubonic plague, killed approximately 20 million people in Europe (1/3 of the European population).

People initially believed it was the work of a vengeful God striking out; eventually the truth came out; it was brought about by human disregard for sanitation and public health and that flea carrying rats were the real culprit in spreading the bacteria which took so many lives.



It is said that history repeats itself, and here in this New Age we have a "White Plague" killing millions who don’t even know they are being killed. In this case, it is human arrogance and greed who are force feeding the world processed or bleached foods—devoid of any nutrition—which is slowly sucking the life out of people who are being fed like pigs or cattle. In fact, the Journal Science reported in 1946 that cattle were fed Vitamin E deficient cereal and showed no signs of health problems—until they died from HEART FAILURE! That’s right, the first sign that there was a problem from eating processed food was DEATH! (How many times have you heard of someone who was in great health and then died suddenly? Don’t you see, he did NOT die SUDDENLY…he died slowly!)

I call this bleached, chlorinated, polished, processed food—White Food.


This includes: white bread, white sugar, white rice and non-organic pasteurized milk. (How do you think the bread, sugar and rice became white? This is not their natural color).

Like the rats that brought us the The Black Death; this epidemic is being spread by self-centered “rats” who are more interested in profit than bringing "life giving food" to people and are unleashing the White Death upon the world.

This White Death Plague can be traced back to the 1940’s when a milkshake machine salesman named Ray Kroc saw an opportunity to capitalize on the assembly line methods of preparing hamburgers, fries and milkshakes of the McDonald brothers in San Bernardino, California.

The first McDonalds 1398 North E. Street at West 14th Street in San Bernardino, California

Kroc arrived in San Bernardino and wanted to expand the small chain into a global franchise. He succeeded. Now there’s nothing wrong with thinking big but as you know when you sacrifice quality for quantity—especially with what is suppose to be LIFE-GIVING food—the wheels are in motion for the plague of a slow death.

In the aftermath of the FAST FOOD explosion came the rise of SLOW DEATH from obesity, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, heart disease and brain death in the form of Alzheimer's and dementia. This makes one wonder; a Happy Meal is happy for who, the corporation? It certainly is not for the children who, with every bite, are heading down the path to the above diseases!

Like the previous plague this opportunistic entity continues to spread death throughout the world, just more slowly. Whereas, the first plague was like putting people in boiling water and killing them quickly; this new plague is similar to putting people in comfortable warm water and then slowly bringing the water to a life ending boil.


The above is just as truthful as tobacco causing slow death. In fact, JUNK FOOD should carry the same warning labels as tobacco products WARNING: May cause obesity, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, heart and brain disease.

Florida, whose goal it is to be Healthiest State in the Nation, struck a blow against the forces that are killing people when a jury upheld a $23.6 billion lawsuit against tobacco giant R.J Reynolds. I see no reason why Florida and every other state cannot start collecting punitive damages against fast food giants like McDonalds who use the same tactics the tobacco companies did to deceive and essentially murder people with their poisonous products.

Want proof? How about the fact that from 1950 - 2000 obesity rates in the US have increased by 214% and diabetes has increased by 500%. Along with the physical damage the economic costs are staggering. In 2012 diabetes alone reached a total cost of $245 billion yearly in the US!

This epidemic has now spread across the globe wherever the golden arches have invaded. According to The Wall Street Journal there is such an epidemic of diabetes and obesity in the Persian Gulf region with the explosion of junk food that it is now considered a national problem. BTW: This is one of the few areas globally where McDonalds delivers!

Snapshot of McDonalds in Dubai

While I feel there is nothing wrong with occasional junk food (actually that term has lost its meaning…let’s call it garbage food) the problem occurs when it is mistaken for actual food and eaten daily. Look, if I could I would eat pizza three times a day... I would! However, I realize that I just don’t feel well when I do. For example, I broke down and had a McDonalds in Disney World (another topic) and afterwards I felt gross. I was still starving due to the fact my muscles and brain received NO nutrition. So while I consumed fat creating calories I still felt the need to eat more due to the lack of vital nutrients. I feel it would have been healthier if i would have eaten the cardboard box—at least I would have gotten some fiber!

If only McDonalds, and the other garbage food outlets, would stop trying to manipulate people’s minds with clowns and commercials, and manipulate our taste buds with additives and addictive chemicals and find ways to make their “food” more nutritious. They could really make a difference in improving people’s lives instead of slowly ending people’s lives as they are doing now. In fact, with their top notch business principles they can still earn billions of dollars, help people get life giving food and... They could sleep well at night.

There you have it—the White Death. Save yourself and your children by quarantining everyone far away from this contagious circle of insidious death. Try going without garbage food for one month and see how you feel. Watch your skin clear up; your body and mind rejuvenate and your energy soar. Stop treating your body like a garbage can and treat it for what it is—the palace you currently live in.

To Actualizing Your Potential and Your Great Health and Success,

Eugene Charles, D.C., DIBAK Diplomate, International Board of Applied Kinesiology www.charlesseminars.com

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