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STATINS vs "An Apple A Day"

THERE ARE NEW statin guidelines that your "well meaning" allopathic doctor may want to discuss with you. But please be aware—when you take statins—if you DIE from kidney failure, diabetes or liver problems caused by the statins before you die from cardiovascular problems you're attempting to treat, it is considered a SUCCESS!

In my opinion, this is like saying, "hitting someone over the head with a baseball bat is the cure for not dying from cancer." I can see the media headlines now: "THIS JUST IN—Studies have shown a 100% success rate in that no patient who underwent therapeutic intervention with a Louisville Slugger died of cancer!" (A little harsh perhaps, but we all have our sore points and getting people hooked on drugs under the pretense of health is mine.)

*The Framingham Heart Study (1948) from which this CHOLESTEROL scare came from NEVER said that cholesterol was the cause….and no study I am aware of EVER said that a cholesterol level of 200 was the norm!  As a patient of mine who is a great researcher has said, "Correlation does not equal causation."


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*On the other hand, a study from the UK states if statins do save lives, they also have serious side-effects.  This study also found that:




Here are some "BASICS" for improving your cardiovascular health:

1. Eat one organic apple everyday

2. Exercise at least 5 days a week

3. Get your spine and skull aligned on a regular basis to help the nerve supply to the heart and blood vessels


To your continued great health and success,

Dr. Eugene Charles


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