Is Sitting The New Smoking..?

Dear Intelligent Health Conscious Individual As you may or may not have heard, mainstream medicine is catching up to what we have already learned in regards to "getting up and moving" for a few minutes every hour.

Read these new articles from The Mayo Clinic explaining how bad inactivity is:

Personally, I agree with most of what is said, but please take these articles with a grain of sea salt. Why? It is very one sided about movement, and I am concerned people will go OVERBOARD and start taping their feet to a recumbent bike so they can exercise while they are sleeping! I’ll explain the need for balance in a minute...

As you know, I am all for moving your muscles and joints. Most of you have the Power Kinetics® Exercise DVD from last year. As you are aware there is a section on the "10 Things to Do at Work" to stay strong & healthy. Do those and you will be in great shape—literally and figuratively.

You have also learned throughout the years that the human frame was never meant to sit for as long as most people do, BUT if you must sit for prolonged periods (sometimes it’s not feasible to jump-up in the middle of a meeting) you should wear a sacroiliac belt to avoid getting a Sprained Pelvis. See my demonstration here:


SYMPTOMS from a Sprained Pelvis Syndrome:

1. Low Back Pain

2. Hip / Groin pain

3. Sciatic pain or tightness down the leg

4. Neck pain

5. Headaches

6. “Frozen Shoulder Syndrome"

7. Bladder / Prostate Problems

8. Uterus / Ovarian Problems __________

These problems can only be corrected by having your pelvis aligned with a chiropractic adjustment, strapping on the sacroiliac and limiting your sitting!

Most of the information in the above Mayo Clinic articles is absolutely accurate about how movement is a TONIC for the body, however—in order to supply a little SHOCK value—authors often have to go the extreme. (I know this because recently a literary agent told me that the material I am putting into the book I am working on, Avenue To Health: How Applied Kinesiology Can Change Your Life seems life altering but it “has no hook.” I replied, “I’m sorry that the truth about how to live a long, healthy, pain-free life is not exciting enough! I’ll bet we can find a publisher in a week if I write a book titled, The Magical Seaweed Enema and How it can Cure ALL your Ailments! FYI; the agent did not share my sardonic sense of humor.)

Therefore, one of my jobs is to censor everything for you and make sure you get accurate information (as boring as the TRUTH is). The key, as always, is common sense and balance! Along with this new trend of movement, which is valid, there is a plethora of old anecdotes suggesting the benefits of rest. __________

In the classic book, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living  written in 1944, the author Dale Carnegie interviewed a vibrant and 80 year old Henry Ford who gave as his secret to vitality:

“I never stand when I can sit down; and I never sit down when I can lie down.”

This is almost the opposite of the NEWEST research! So what are you to do? Again the key is balance.

Your Health Prescription regarding movement is:

1. Get up and move for 10 minutes every hour if you are in a sedentary job.

2. Rest 10 minutes out of every hour if you are in an active job.

3. If you can, take an afternoon 10 minute nap; just like Thomas Edison, Leonardo DaVinci, Connie Mack, Eleanor Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller, and Napoleon did.

*Not only will all 3 make you HEALTHIER. They will also make you stronger and more productive!


So while the internet is a great source for health information, you still need to have an expert decipher all of the often conflicting reports for you. Remember what Mark Twain said:

“Be careful reading health books… you could die from a misprint!”

Best wishes to your continued Great Health & Success,

Dr. Eugene Charles

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