The Allergy Technique ™- A Natural Remedy to Help You with Allergic Reactions

“Miracles do not occur in contradiction to nature.  They are only in contradiction 
with what we think we know of nature.”   - St. Augustine

My allergies are gone after two treatments…How is this possible?”



This was the question a patient asked me after I relieved his 30 years of suffering with seasonal allergies after just two sessions... You may be tempted to ask your doctor the same question.

I feel the reason the Allergy Technique™ is able to work so dramatically is that an allergy is basically an overreaction of your nervous system to something it should not be reacting to at all. Unlike other health issues such as low back pain, which can occur in varying degrees, allergies are an all or nothing phenomenon. You either have allergies or you don’t. It is like turning on a light switch. The Allergy Technique that your doctor is using on you simply turns the switch off. How?

By using applied kinesiology, chiropractic, acupressure and homeopathy your doctor is able to influence your nervous system to stop it in its tracks from overreacting to a stimulus or allergen (food or environmental). The acupuncture points on your head are believed to have been discovered 5,000 years ago and are known to be incredibly powerful. What your doctor is doing is stimulating these points to desensitize your nervous system to a very specific trigger (allergen).

The reason this technique can work immediately is because it is not the food or pollen that is the problem, it is your nervous system basically getting too nervous and overreacting to it. Your doctor is essentially calming down your nervous system in a very specific manner. This is why you need to have regular treatments to decrease nervous tension and this why your doctor may work on the bones of your skull to relieve tension there as well.

Since allergies also have a histamine or adrenal response, your doctor might have you take some natural anti-histamine or adrenal support supplements to go along with the technique. These are great because they nurture the healing process and do not make you dependent on them or cause you to become drowsy like drugs do.

Power Adrenal Support and AirMaxx are excellent supplements that can help you in naturally relieving allergic symptoms.

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You could be allergy free in 30 days!

"I had an anaphylactic allergic reaction and was rushed to the Emergency Room on three different occasions after eating almonds. Dr. Charles did his Allergy Technique on me and I'm happy to say I'm now able to eat almonds, and anything else for that matter, with no problems."  

— Dan Yaccarino, Best Selling Author of Doug Unplugged

"Our three year old daughter Emily had terrible seasonal allergies and was also so allergic to horse hair that we could not take her to visit family who had horses. Dr. Charles' Allergy Technique alleviated all her symptoms and two years later Emily still has not had a single reaction."  

— Karen Hauck

"Dr. Charles' Allergy Technique has enhanced my practice tremendously! The ability for the body to desensitize the allergen and heal itself is truly the highest form of health optimization. Thanks Dr. Charles!!!"

— Dr. Bruce Kesten

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The Allergy Technique™ may appear miraculous; however, it is simply science properly applied.

Ask your doctor to try The Allergy Technique™ on you. Doctors can learn this simple yet powerful technique:

NOTE: Allergies can show up in a myriad of symptoms - such as insomnia, depression, itchy skin and chronic congestion. If you are wondering if you are having allergic reactions... here is another great slide show from WebMD