FIFA World Cup 14'

If you're watching the 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL, you saw American soccer star Jozy Altidore suffered a hamstring injury in America's 2-1 victory over Ghana this week.

"In the first half Monday, Altidore was running down a ball with Ghana’s John Boye when he lowered his head to attempt to control it. He immediately grabbed the back of his left leg and fell to the ground in pain.."


The Hamstrings.


Most hamstring injuries are due to three scenarios:

1. The covering around the muscle known as fascia tightening up around the hamstring.

2. The nerve endings at the ends of the muscles gets too much impulse from the athlete trying to either accelerate or decelerate and these nerve endings—Golgi Tendon Organs—send an inhibitory signal to the muscle to shut it off.

3. The third scenario is the Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome that we covered last Blog regarding NBA player Lebron James.


How Applied Kinesiology Can Help:

A doctor trained in applied kinesiology would be able to discern which one of these (or other possible causes) is the culprit and apply the proper treatment.

If the fascia is too short, then a deep massage is needed to lengthen the fascia and release the muscle from its self-made prison.

If the muscle is a true strain from excessive neurological bombardment from the Golgi Tendon Organs the doctor/therapist would apply pressure to the ends of the muscle to signal the inhibitory impulses to stop shutting the muscle off.


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