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Applied Kinesiology in My Own Words

Patients and doctors alike often ask me, “What is applied kinesiology?” I would like to take this time to share with you my definition of applied kinesiology (AK).

In my opinion, AK is true functional medicine. It takes into account all the interacting systems contained within the body.

Specifically: 1) The muscles, bones and ligaments 2) The nutritional/chemical 3) The psychological components

All of these must be balanced for harmony and health. Once the imbalance (or dysfunction) has been diagnosed, the most appropriate therapy is initiated. These therapies will be directed to normalize the interactions of the body, mind and spirit of the person.

Chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, exercise, cranial-sacral therapy, emotional releases and thought process development are some of the techniques integrated into the applied kinesiologist’s armamentarium. With such a vast array of therapeutic options, the kinesiologist is able to conform a treatment protocol to meet the individual’s unique needs instead of trying to alter the patient to the only therapy that the doctor knows.

This flexibility allows the doctor to treat the person who has the condition and not the condition that has the person.

Applied kinesiology is a healing system that is constantly being refined by doctors all over the world and of every discipline. This is why I am always reading and going to seminars. I am in constant training in order to keep expanding my knowledge as well as my service to you and your family.

In my mind, there is nothing quite like applied kinesiology and this is what makes it sometimes difficult to explain. I hope I did an adequate job for you and I look forward to keeping you healthy for a long time to come.

Best wishes to your continued good health and success.

Eugene Charles D.C. DIBAK Diplomate International Board of Applied Kinesiology