Breast Health Awareness Month

Three things for optimal breast health:

1. Avoid aluminum containing deodorants/antiperspirants

2. Avoid wearing overly tight bras and bras with metal underwire. (And take off your bra as soon as you get home. They need to breathe!)

3. Perform the door stretch 3-6 times a week.

One stretch I am adamant about is “The Door Stretch.” Why? Most of us tend to get hunched over due to our work. That’s the first reason. Secondly, this may be the most important stretch, especially for women. This stretches the chest muscles and helps with posture, and I believe helps prevent breast cancer.


The chest muscles sit above the main lymphatic drainage centers of the body. The lymphatics are the sewer system of the body. My theory is that if they are tight they block the lymphatics and the breast tissue sits in a toxic sewer since the drainage is impeded. So please teach this stretch to every woman you know (every man too). If I am mistaken about preventing breast cancer, then at least it will give people great posture and prevent that hump in the upper back that people tend to get as they get older. But if I am right, you are doing a great service for every woman you know. (Reference: breast cancer/lymphatics) 

Door stretch 

Put your elbows out on the doorframe with your hands up (like you are in a Western and being told to “stick em up), put one leg in front of the other, lean your body forward while keeping your back foot flat on the ground (this gives the calves a great stretch, another thing most women need due to high heels). 

Hold this position for 15 seconds then do 10 quick little stretches at the end, breathing out with each quick stretch of the chest muscles. Then hold again for 15 seconds This really helps to relax those tight muscles. Then switch legs and repeat.
Stay happy, healthy and positive,                                                                                                                                          
Dr. Eugene Charles