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Galileo proving the Sun is the center of our universe. When Galileo asked the Church Fathers to look through his telescope, legend has it they refused. Even though he wanted to show them the truth—that the sun and not the earth, was the center of our solar system—they would have none of it.

A new study recently came out, yet again, proving that the United States Health System is DEAD LAST among the 11 industrialized nations in our world. See here

I just returned from a trip to Washington D.C. where top professional Applied Kinesiologists from all over the world gathered for our annual international meeting (, and as I listened to these brilliant doctors talk about their newest clinical research and saw such a panorama of answers to the current problems with the US Healthcare system, I felt like I was LOOKING THROUGH GALILEO'S TELESCOPE and seeing the truth.

What is currently being done in America is not working, and doing less of it is NOT the answer. Embracing Holistic Healing Systems; such as applied kinesiology, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, exercise & nutrition and adding it to the excellent heroic medicine that we have in our emergency rooms throughout the country is THE ANSWER.

Let’s lose the PILL FOR A PROBLEM mentality of our failing US Healthcare System and put our American ingenuity to work. Doing the same thing everyday and expecting different results is insanity... It’s time to stop drugging ourselves up and start improving our health with holistic healing systems that are proving they work everyday in doctors’ offices all over the globe!

Best wishes to your Great Health & Success,

Eugene Charles, D.C., DIBAK Diplomate, International Board of Applied Kinesiology



How to Treat a Sprained Pelvis or Piriformis Syndrome Using the Serola Sacroiliac Belt

This one is for you, doctors! In this video, Dr. Eugene Charles explains how to treat a sprained pelvis (or Piriformis Syndrome) by using the Serola Sacroiliac belt by Dr. Serola. This is a simple, yet effective approach to treat low back pain, sciatica, bladder issues and ovary and prostate problems. It could be worn sitting at your desk at work all day, during exercise or during daily activities. Check out the belt at:



Treating Muscle and Bone Problems with the Vibracussor®

Dear Doctors, This post is for you. The following video clip is a demonstration of me using the VibraCussor by IMPAC, Inc. to treat myogelosis, or a thickening of the muscles. No one should ever attempt any of what they see here unless they are trained and certified in professional Applied Kinesiology.