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Galileo proving the Sun is the center of our universe. When Galileo asked the Church Fathers to look through his telescope, legend has it they refused. Even though he wanted to show them the truth—that the sun and not the earth, was the center of our solar system—they would have none of it.

A new study recently came out, yet again, proving that the United States Health System is DEAD LAST among the 11 industrialized nations in our world. See here

I just returned from a trip to Washington D.C. where top professional Applied Kinesiologists from all over the world gathered for our annual international meeting (, and as I listened to these brilliant doctors talk about their newest clinical research and saw such a panorama of answers to the current problems with the US Healthcare system, I felt like I was LOOKING THROUGH GALILEO'S TELESCOPE and seeing the truth.

What is currently being done in America is not working, and doing less of it is NOT the answer. Embracing Holistic Healing Systems; such as applied kinesiology, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, exercise & nutrition and adding it to the excellent heroic medicine that we have in our emergency rooms throughout the country is THE ANSWER.

Let’s lose the PILL FOR A PROBLEM mentality of our failing US Healthcare System and put our American ingenuity to work. Doing the same thing everyday and expecting different results is insanity... It’s time to stop drugging ourselves up and start improving our health with holistic healing systems that are proving they work everyday in doctors’ offices all over the globe!

Best wishes to your Great Health & Success,

Eugene Charles, D.C., DIBAK Diplomate, International Board of Applied Kinesiology



Every Back has a Front Attached to it

Sometimes, a back problem may really be a front problem. On the front of every human body lies the ileocecal valve. Let’s call it ICV for short. This little valve is what separates the small intestine from the large intestine. Its function is to prevent food in the large intestine (meant for evacuation) from refluxing back into the small intestine.

But what if this trusty gatekeeper failed to do its job?

If it did, our body would have a landslide of toxins to deal with, and the results wouldn’t be very pretty. Think excruciating low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, inflamed pelvic organs, PMS, bowel changes, dark circles under the eyes. Not enough to make you cringe? Tack on ovarian pain, prostate problems, dizziness, fatigue, severe sinus issues and headaches. I’ll bet that’s enough to ruin your day.

Let’s back up a second, though. How can a little food leaking back into the small intestines cause so many catastrophes? Well, the fact of the matter is that once food enters the large intestines, it’s meant to go nowhere else but OUT. And if it doesn’t, then toxins will build. Such toxicity can cause the body to react by trying to dilute the dangerous wastes by sending fluid to the different areas. And the accumulation of this fluid can lead the above mentioned malfunctions and symptoms.

So how do we keep our ICV working properly on our own?

1) We keep our abdominal muscles strong. Sadly, most abdominal exercises cause more harm than good. I am testing an abdominal exercise I developed to help with low back and ICV problems. I plan on making this available when I am totally satisfied with the results.

2) Having around 20-30 grams of fiber per day helps too. Fiber can be found in foods like salads, fruits, vegetables, bran or high quality fiber products like Whole Food Fiber from Standard Process (available from your doctor) or Psyllium Whole Husks from Yerba Prima (available at your local health food store). Too much or too little can disrupt the valve.

3) Proper walking after meals helps also. If you do not know how to walk properly find an Alexander Technique Practitioner in your area or go to

Please note: Only a doctor trained to address the ICV can tell you if there is a problem and correct it. Proper treatment of the valve can help with a myriad of conditions as the valve may be the underlying cause of many “overlying” and seemingly random health problems.

For example: trying to help someone with sinus problems without correcting the ICV disturbance is like trying to clear a clogged sink by taking a cup and bailing out the water. The problem is not the sink. It is the plumbing below.

Before anything else, your doctor should examine the ICV and then continue. This goes for severe low back pain, ovarian pain and headaches that have resisted prior treatments and medications.

It was once suggested to me by a doctor that it is impossible to correct an internal organ by external manual pressure. I thought for a moment and seriously asked, "Then how do you explain CPR?" I mean if you can bring someone back to life by compression on the chest then massaging the intestines to help with low back pain or headaches seems pretty believable.

To Your Continued Good Health and Success,

Dr. Eugene Charles

If you think you may have an ICV problem contact or and we will send you the names of doctors in your area who are skilled in Applied Kinesiology.

Doctors, if you would like to learn more about helping your patients with possible ICV problems you can order Session 8 of Applied Kinesiology in Clinical Practice at Workshop Leaders may be available in your area for hands on training.